Q: Besides Online ordering can I also make an order by means of phone/mail/fax?

 Q: What is the next step once my order is completed? Are there status updates available to check my order?

 Q: Where can I verify the order’s status at

 Q: Do I have the option to change my order items after I completed an order?

 Q: Do I have the option to cancel my order once it's completed?

 Q: How long is the processing of an order by

 Q: How secure is What security methods are used to protect my personal information?

 Q: What happens in situations when a product is out of stock?

 Q: How do I check the expiration date of the products I plan to order?

 Q: Why do I have to pay $1.00 more on orders that value under $20?

 Q: Do I have to pay shipping costs if I don’t receive the package due to my absence?

 Q: Why is my order status displayed as unconfirmed?

 Q: How do I confirm my account?

 Q: How long is my order displayed as unconfirmed?

 Q: Do I have the option of reopening a canceled order?

 Q: What are the payment methods available at

 Q: Why should the card billing address and the shipping address be the same?

 Q: Am I charged with a tax for my purchases?

 Q: How high is the tax you charge for Oklahoma Residents?

 Q: Do I have the option to pay by Check, Money Order, Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer?

 Q: What are the shipping methods that you use?

 Q: How can I track My Order?

 Q: What are the contact details for FedEx?

 Q: What are my options in case FedEx has my package but I didn’t receive it yet?

 Q: Does have international shipment options available?

 Q: Does deliver products to APO or FPO addresses?

 Q: Why am I delivered more packages when the products would have fit in one package?

 Q: Can I upgrade the shipping method I chose in case my order has not been shipped out yet?

 Q: What return policy does have?

 Q: Do I have the option to return an item if it has expired?

 Q: Do I have to pay a tax for the return shipping?

 Q: Where do I check the status of my refund on return orders?

 Q: Can I exchange a product for a different one?

 Q: What are the options given by the My Account Feature?